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My name is Pastor Lorri Thornton and I was intially licensed to preach the gospel on December 10, 2006.  I began my journey while I active in the ministry team at Calvary Baptist Church. It was here where I led the women’s Bible study groups that I continued to grow as a teacher of God’s word and accept the Lord's calling upon my life. 


Pastor Thornton's Official Bio


Reverend Lorri Thornton was licensed to ministry on December 10, 2006.  She became active in the ministry team at Calvary Baptist Church, where she was a parishioner.  She led women’s Bible study groups and continued to grow as a teacher of God’s word. 

November 3, 2013, Reverend Thornton became the overseer for the 8am service at Calvary Baptist Church.  On May 18, 2014, she was ordained to the Gospel Ministry.  She was appointed Assistant Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church and continued to deliver God’s message at the 8 AM Sunday service.  God used Reverend Thornton’s passionate speaking-style to increase attendance and to spark spiritual growth in members of the congregation. 

Reverend Thornton proudly serves as Pastor at Friendship Baptist Church in Corning, NY.   She is also an invited speaker at Corning Community College, participates in local webcast, offers prayer at community gatherings and other events in the local faith community.   In 2018, she was awarded the Religious Affairs Award by the local chapter of the NAACP.   With examples from her own life, Reverend Thornton uses every opportunity to bring attention to the way that God leads believers through struggle and brings victory to those who are faithful.  

Reverend Thornton is happily married to her biggest supporter, Steven O. Thornton.  Together, they have four adult children. They also have three beautiful grandchildren and 3 spirited godsons.  Reverend Thornton is a graduate of the Arkansas College of Technology and currently employed as a Coordinator with a global energy company.

Reverend Thornton firmly believes that every believer this side of Heaven owes the gospel to every non-believer this side of Hell.  She hopes that her passion for God and preaching His word will leave you thinking about the impact that you can have on the spiritual life of those around you. 

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